Mama Africa Egg Story

Once upon a time in the city of Port Elizabeth a runaway hen was rescued from a nursery and named Rosemary after the nursery owner called Rose…

Rosemary, a beautiful & charismatic koekeok hen, was taken in and loved by Rob & Dominique who dreamt of owning a farm & Rosemary was the physical start of their dreams.

Rob and Dominique went on to own Mama Africa farm at the foot of the Ladyslipper Mountain & of course Rosemary started breeding the free range egg flock of Mama Africa with her handsome spotted koekeok rooster partner named Pierre ,who was donated by an uncle. Rosemary & Pierre were joined by some other free range hens & went on to form a happy family unit with the free range egg dream well under way…until tragedy struck….

A genet obtained access into the night-house through a tiny air vent and murdered the whole flock with the exception of Pierre who bravely tried to stop the attack & was severely injured in the process. All that remained were tears, an injured Pierre, 1 newly born little black chick of Rosemary’s and 5 eggs…

Rob & Dominique hand raised the little chick named Nhlanhla, meaning lucky in Xhosa, and hatched the 5 eggs using a hot water bottle to incubate them, along with nursing Pierre back to health.

Nhlanhla was the start of a new flock along with her 5 siblings & a recovered Pierre. Some free range Orpington hens were purchased to keep Nhlanhla & co company and continue with the free range egg dream.

Mama Africa chickens roam freely outside in the day enjoying the sunshine & a diet of layer pellets, crushed mielies (corn) & bran along with healthy side servings of bread, salad & home grown garden greens.

Absolutely no hormones or antibiotics are administered, ever. Weekly herbs & aloe is added to all the chickens water & food to keep them healthy & parasite free & flu’ish hens are dosed with herbs too. Chicks are hatched by their moms but then hand raised by Rob & Dominique to enjoy hot water bottles, blankets & extra love to assist them in growing up healthy & strong. This is needed as hawks take chicks when they are small & most breeders  give chicks their 1st growth hormone & antibiotic injection at 4 days old, yes even the free range breeders as they are not organic. As we give neither hormones nor antibiotics, ever, extra love & warmth & care is needed to raise the chicks to ensure they become big, healthy, strong, happy Mama Africa hens. The chicks enjoy sunshine in a safe day pen & sleep indoors at night for at least 2 months. Once they are big enough they are moved to a shade cloth outdoor area near their moms to grow up & used to the flock again. And once no longer in danger of becoming hawk prey they are reintroduced to the flock & run around freely outside & go on to live back with their mom’s & at night sleep in predator secure little houses with clean sawdust & a warm infra-red lamp for those chilly evening.

Happy, loved, relaxed, free range and as close to organic as possible chickens live at Mama Africa and produce the lovely fresh farm eggs on offer from the farm.

We truly believe these free range eggs are much tastier & healthier for you as they have no traces of antibiotics or hormones and are ethically produced in a loving, happy & healthy environment. Full of farm fresh goodness like the good old days…

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